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Tianhai Lace Co., Ltd.

Today, with the rise of global manufacturing and specifically the sourcing of lace, the name Tianhai Lace is internationally recognized.

Established in 1988, over the years Tianhai has evolved into a fully integrated operation with the doubling and the twisting of the yarns for the patterning, knitting of the different laces, dyeing and the finishing, clipping, and scalloping of the laces.

Tianhai (with a workforce of 1,100) occupies facilities with a total area of over 100,000 square meters in a manufacturing zone on the outskirts of Guangzhou.

In 2013, Tianhai recorded sales of $137 million with a total output of 2,800 tons of laces.

Originally, Tianhai’s main market was lace fabrics for outerwear; today it represents 20% of their total business.

Tianhai began servicing the lingerie market in 1995 and is today, the largest lace supplier with most of the industry’s key players as their regular customers.

Tianhai has a strong design team that focuses on intricate lace designs, the richness in the structure, 3-D structural construction, with different knitting and coloring techniques that bring out the elegance and beauty of the laces. Every year, Tianhai introduces approximately 1,000 new patterns into their collection. Tianhai is known to be the only lace manufacturer in China that holds copyrights for all of its patterns and have them registered not only in China but also in the United States and Europe.

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